About Me

Name: Rylee Hope Rosenbaum


Hobbies: Arts and Crafts, Caking with Mommy, Playing Cards, Dancing, Doodling on notepads, Going out to eat, taking the bus to school,  Going to the beach, kissing and hugging everyone, tormenting my brother, opening presents


At 7 years old, I am still a yappy and super happy child. I love toys, going to school, and spending time with my grandparents. I'm extremely outgoing.


I have a lot of friends and I love meeting new friends. Ask me to tell you a joke. 


I popped out on January 19th, 2012, 9:12am, 8lbs and 2 ounces, 20 inches long, full head of hair. See pictures below, which include Mommy pregnant with me, followed by my month-by-month and year-by-year pictures.

Hi. My name is Rylee Rosenbaum, and I'm out of Mommys womb. Mommy and Daddy will be tracking my life online. Daddy says that when I'm rich and famous, he will be selling RyleeRosenbaum.com for a large sum of money. Right now the bidding begins at $50...Any takers?

Rylee At Birth
Rylee at 1 Month
Rylee at 2 Months
Rylee at 3 Months
Rylee at 4 months
Rylee at 5 Months
Rylee at 6 Months
Rylee at 7months
Rylee at 8months
Rylee at 9 months
Rylee at 10 months
Rylee at 11 months
Rylee at 1 year
Rylee 3 Years Old
Rylee 4 Years Old
Rylee 5 years Old
Rylee 6 years Old

                                     Rylee is 7 Years Old