Whats Up With Rylee!!



Dear Rylee:


You are now seven. One of your new favorite sayings is "Daddy this is going to blow your mind." But whats blowing our mind is that 84 months ago, we had a nice quiet home for two. Now we have an infant (your brother) and a real live loquacious mini-teen, who has feelings, opinions, mood swings, creative curiousity, independency, and empathy.


You are a good-vide kind of gal. Whenever we need a giggle or a smile on a bad day, we look to you as the prescription of happiness. We have seen you make some big milestone changes. You are a good help in the kitchen, you are easier to put to sleep (you love when we sing you to sleep. Usually it includes "Daddys Little Girl" followed by "The Eagles Fight Song"), you have finally sat through a movie and a show (but we need to see more to be convinced).


Our 2nd favorite thing you do is when you tell jokes that we script you on. Our favorite thing is watching you construct jokes that make zero sense but cracks us up anyway because we know you tried so hard. You love to write in your notebook, create greeting cards, write your friends names, and play with shopkins/LOL Dolls/ American Girl Dolls.


You are now getting the travel bug like mommy and daddy. You love staying in hotels and want to know "how many nights?" You really love having playdates. You play well with Hannah, Logan, Max, Mikey, Emily and Evelyn. Your friends at school are super important and you always want to tell us about them and your day. You also get super excited when you spend time with relatives (Aunts, Cousins, etc) but you absolutely love visiting with Uncle Adam, Aunt Dara, Fallon + Buster. In addition visiting with Aunt Cari, Uncle Chad, Jordyn and Luke....


But nothing compares to the time you spend with Mom-Mom and PopPop, Ma and G. They spoil you, take you to restaurants, shows, shopping and trips. You also continue love your time down the shore in LBI.


This year you performed in your first show, a synagogue production of "Little SHop of Horrors." Also you danced in your 3rd recital where you got to "put on makeup and wear a pretty costume."


There are few things in life as delicious as watching you interact with your new brother. Your favorite saying with him is "Bryce, I love you. I will always love you as your big sister." Yes, you smoother and terrorize him but you also shower him with so much love and attention.


We love you so much and can't see what Lucky 7 brings you.



Mommy and Daddy





Dear Rylee:


You are now six. Its all downhill from here. We are so proud of you. Its been a big year. In June, you performed in your 2nd dance recital. The highlight for you was wearing makeup and putting on a fancy costume  During the summer you had lots of friends come to the beachhouse and play, such as Willa, Josie, Sophia, Rebekah and Logan. You love seeing your friends, like Emily, Evelyn, Hannah and Jordyn, Max and others. During the summer you suddenly got better at riding your bike. You also had an amazing time at Ma and G's new beachhouse pool. You swam 2 weeks in a row. You also started a new camp this summer and had an amazing time.


You also graduated preschool. Although there was no formal graduation, we came to see you do some songs. You made lots of friends in preschool. Some of them are now in Kindergarden with you. There is no doubt starting Kindergarden was your annual highlight. You specifically love riding the bus. 


You are now starting to read and you enjoy both your school library and our township library. You also got some big news this fall. You found out that you are getting a baby brother this coming year. I am pretty sure your webpage will have lots of pictures of both of you next year.


Your writing skills are astounding. You have quite a vocabulary and you are super entertaining. Your least favorite word is "Fine" and your new favorite word is "disgusting." You are such an awesome cuddler and show so much effection to everyone you know...but also awkwardly to people you don't know too. We need to explain that saying "I love you" to the Target checkout lady is not cool.


You are now getting into the holidays. For the first time you chose your Halloween costume (Moana). You are now a master at Chanukah, Christmas, and every holiday that involves gifts. You don't even care about what the gifts are, you just like unwrapping them.


You have become Daddys funny sidekick and he is still hoping you become a standup comic one day. Mom enjoys doing baking and craft projects with you. 


You are an amazing and precious gal who can fix anyones problem with a hug and we love you for that. 


Mommy and Daddy





Dear Rylee:


How did we get to the half decade mark. We are so blessed to have you in our life. You have the best of both worlds, Mommys looks and Daddys humor. This year you learned the art of telling jokes and it is Daddys hope that you become a standup comic but the world is your oyster and we will support you in anything you want to be...except a Dallas Cowboy fan.


This was a real busy year for you. In January, we went to Aunt Rona and Uncle Garys in West Palm Beach. You showed them your swimming moves and played with nicely with their dog, Tyson. We then drove to Disney World, where you had an amazing time with her friend Max and his Mommy (Jennie) and Daddy (Scotty).


The spring was filled with lots fun memories such as meeting baby Josie and Baby Corey. You celebrated some of your friends birthdays. Spent lots of time with your friend and cousins. This included you going to your first Bar-Mitzvah (Blake). You also had an awesome time doing a photo shoot at a Bowling alley for Mom-mom and PopPops 45th anniversary.


The Summer was filled with weekends at LBI. You have become a pro at beaching. You know all the routines, what to pack, where to sit and you loved collecting and painting seashells. Of course, you loved when Ma and G took you you out to eat and doing the amusement rides at Fantasy Island. This summer you graduated out of Children of America and went to camp Simmonds (They had an indoor pool). The beginning of summer also saw you dance in your first recital. You finally got your wish...Wearing a costume and putting on pretty makeup is all you ever wanted.


The highlight of the summer was visiting Aunt Rona, Uncle Gary, Cousin Stacy and Jarad in Pittsburgh. At the end of the weekend, we did a family trip to the Inner Harbor.




Mommy and Daddy



Dear Rylee:


There has been so much that happened this year. 11 months ago, you began to use the potty. You picked up on so quickly. We don't want to jinx it but you've only had about 2-3 accidents since then, which is remarkable.


You now have a strong opinion on your cloths and style. You favor skirts and anything Disney. The big addition this year was your glasses. We made it through the awkward patch phase, which you did not like. We feel confident that your vision has now corrected itself but the glasses look so darn cute on you.

Your vocabulary and ability to engage in conversation is by far your greatest strength. You pick up on things really well and are extremely empathetic.


This year, we enrolled you into dance class and swimming class. You love them both so much. The joy in your face as you dance and swim is something we relish in.


Your favotite toys include your iphone, where you master the applications and navigate lots of YouTube videos. You contributed around 1,000,000 hits to "Elmo Rocks" and "Surprise Eggs." You love doing puzzles, playing with your dolls and playing with playdoo.


You are still allergic to peanuts but your diet is like any 4-year-old (Pizza, Meatballs and Chicken Nuggets). Oddly though you do favor kale and edamame.


To date, you are around 40 inches tall and 41 pounds. You are such an entertaining girl. Even your tempers are hilararious. We love you so much. We can't believe what an awesome lady you are.





Mommy and Daddy


Dear Rylee:


What an amazing year. I can not believe how much one can learn from a Toddler. This year is defined by year inectious energy and your endless entertainment. You have the gift of gab, certainly a gift bestowed upon by Daddy but this year you have grown to be a true little lady.


You now have an opinion, which can be difficult when trying to pick out your outfits. You now have a favorite sweater and identify all your latest footwear. You also love putting on lipstick (aka chaptstick) and doing your hair. recently you have been going through the manicure and pedicure thing...Daddy is in trouble.


You are so darn cuddly and affectionate.You always wanna give hugs and kisses and its impossible for anyone to refuse. You now know the names of almost all your relatives even the ones you see on rare occassions. You've also developed a great sense of direction. You know your way around peoples houses and you know where your grandparents hide your goodies.


Recently you graduated from a crib to a big girl bed. Although the first few weeks were tough, you are now becoming a champ. We also took you to Disney for the first time and you cold not stop smiling. Even though you are scard of the characters, you still know their names.


To date, you around 36 inches tall and 33pounds. You are amazingly happy child and bring so much joy to everyone. We can't wait to see what the next year brings...We are hoping it brings an end to diapers.





Mommy and Daddy


Dear Rylee:


I can not believe that you are now two years-old. You look too young to have a 35-year-old Dad. Having you in our life has been amazing. The things you do constantly amaze me and your mother. Some of the things you have done this past year include:


The biggest thing is your ability to communicate on a somewhat human level. Now you can point to things you like, tell us when you don't like something or express important things to us that we need to know like, "Daddy...Eat." and "Mommy...Poop."


Speaking of Poop, since its quickly becoming the preferred word of toodlers across America, you are now telling us when you need to go potty. We started putting you on your special toilet and although we are still months away from significant progress, you had some really good attempts.


You have shown an interest in school that daddy never experienced. When Daddy was a student, I couldn't wait to leave school and come home. For you, its hard to get you packed up and to leave your daycare because you love playing with your friends and teachers. You say all their names pretty well. Excepy Sophia is simply "Fo-Fo"


One of the amazing things is that you know the names of all your relatives (namely aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins). Furthermore, you know who goes with who. You even know the names of your friends at school and at home. You can identify certain characters from Sesame Street and Disney.


Walking: It was the great miracle of Yom Kippur. Mommy and I were watching you play while we laid around being very hungry and out of the blue, you decided thats the day you would surprise us with some steps. It only took 20-months. Doctors all said that you spent too much time working on the talking and not worried about the walking.


Watching you eat, walk and sleep is so much fun because . 

 you are so dainty and delicate with everything you do

Lastly, you are just a very funny child. You make some awesome faces and laugh for no reason. Your favorite thing to do is repeat what everyone says and does. Often you are able to emulate the peoples tone and voices. Personally, I see a future for you as an impressionist...and I'm ok seeing the Rylee show in Vegas.


Thank you for being an awesome child and making our world so much better.




Mommy and Daddy

Rylee Is Now a year-Old!!!

Dear Rylee:


Happy Birthday Little Lady. Here we are on the eve of your 1st Fiesta. This has been such an amazing year. Never before in my life have I been excited about anything at 7:15am. One of the adjustments that I knew I would have to endure was early wake-ups and I never imagined that anything could make it more barable. Now it is the highlight of my day. You and I now have a whole routine. I hear you moving around so I go prepare your bottle. I then come in your room and you greet me with a smile and a wave. I change you (Thankfully Mommy leaves a wardrobe out in the morning otherwise you would never match).


After you get changed, I give you your sippy and you watch me get ready for work. We then head to daycare. You love your teachers and you sometimes share with your classmates. You really love sharing colds and coughs. The hardest thing about parenting is watching you get sick.


You have now graduated to big people food. It is so much fun to portion out your meals and watch you eat. You love chicken, grilled cheese, fruits of all kinds and sweet potatoes.


This has also been a busy few months for you in the travel department. You have gone on two vacations. The first was in August. Me and Mommy took you to Lancaster and Hershey for a total of three nights. You spent the time with MomMom, PopPop, Uncle Adam, Aunt Dara, Aunt Cari, Uncle Chad and your cousins, Jordyn, Fallon, Luke and Evan. We went to Dutch Wonderland and then to Hersheypark. It was the latest you ever stayed up at night and the first time you stayed in a hotel.


In November, you took an airplane for the first time with G-Mom and G-Pop. You met me and Mommy in Florida for your 1st cruise...Boy, was it a good one. We went on the Allure of The Seas, which is the largest cruise ship in the ocean. They had a fun baby pool for you and the ship had nursery care. After the cruise, you, me and Mommy spent a couple extra days staying with Aunt Rona and Uncle Gary in West Palm Beach. What we learned was two things, babies require a lot of things when travelling and no matter where we went, you were super pleasant and extremely flexible.


For us, life has become one big routine but you have given us so much joy and happiness these last 12 months. We love that you have the most unique facial expressions and that you rarely cry. We also love that you have become so sweet and affectionate. The journey is now continuing as you will have a new home in late February. We are moving to Horsham and you will now have a big bedroom and a playroom. We love you so much and are so proud to be your parents.


Love, Mommy and Daddy

Rylees Quarterly Diary (May-July 2012)

Dear Rylee:


You made it sweety. The big 6-month plateau. I don't think it would be overstating things to say that there isn't anything in life that Mommy and I love more than you. Its been such a thrill seeing you grow and to be honest, you are simply an amazing baby. At this juncture, you are sleeping anywhere between 10- 11 hours a night. Very rarely, if ever, do you wake up in the middle of the night. Although you do like to babble in your sleep.


Your smile and giggle is incredibly contagious. You tend to react favorably to words like "Yabba-dabba-Doo and Baba-Booey." You have now begun to roll over and you can't seem to stop. Your trick never gets too old. Everytime you rollover, you smile in amazement. You want the world to know how awesome you are at rolling.


Your teachers at daycare remark how incredibly pleasant you are. You almost never cry and you love trying new toys. They all want to hold you and kiss you. You are attentive and even a bit nosey. Mommy and I refer to you as our Little Yente. Some of the new things in your life include going to the beach and going into swimming pools.


We've dipped your feet into the wavey waters of the New Jersey shore. You have become less afraid of water and you actually really enjoy bath time now. Speaking of baths, it is still our favorite time as a family. Mommy and I love watching you get clean. One of unique features is your dark black hair, which makes your cradlecap more pronounced. Dr Jaffe told us that you will outgrow this itchy flaky stage and we are noticing vast improvements. 


You have yet to sleep away from Mommy and me but you have stayed with us overnight at G-Mom/ GPop's and at Aunt Cari and Uncle Chads. The bottom-line is no matter where you sleep, you do it well. Another family time memory is having you lay with us in bed for about an hour on weekend mornings. We lay your boppy in our bed and we put the tv on for you. Although you are obviously too young to know what you are watching, you continually get mesmerized with images and music.


As for family, you are beginning to recognize and become attached to your grandparents (MomMom, PopPop, GMom / GPop), your aunts and uncles / cousins (Adam, Dara, Cari Chad, Suzie, David, Zoe, Simon, Fallon, Evean, Luke and Jordyn). 


You really enjoy being held and being sung too. Speaking of music, daddy loves to sing to you in the car and when you get back from school. This has not caused your ears to bleed yet but you do have songs that you enjoy more. Namely "Daddys Little Girl" and "Somewhere Over The Rainbow."


We are now in the beginning stages of real people food. Mommy started you on oatmeal, which you were not a fan of. You are also being fed applesauce, which you are slowly warming up too. Six weeks ago, we began giving you formula. You are currently eating 6OZ, 6 times a day. You spit up a lot but Dr. Jaffe tells us that is perfectly normal as long as you gain weight. Your weight is now 13.6OZ. You are in the 50 percentile for both height and weight....100 percentile of cuteness


As for parenting, We are not ones to brag much but I'd say we are incredible parents. It took awhile for me to say it and it seems as though everyone will have their opinions but Mommy and I work really hard at parenting and we work well together to make sure you are safe and happy.  What I've learned is the importance of routine. We have you in a good routine and you now know the expectations. You understand that cribs are for sleeping and not napping. Your iternal clock tells you when its 8:15 and bedtime, your stomach gauges 6 fluid ounces and when the bottle is done, you don't cry. I have also learned that the best advice mommy and I have received is to not listen to anyone elses advice...Unless of course that person is a doctor.


The next 3 months hold a lot of promise. We suspect that crawling is around the corner. You may even bein murmuring some words and you will be having your first sleepouts without Mommy and Daddy there. We love you so much and thank you for makin life so exciting and hopeful.


Much Love,

Mommy and Daddy 

Rylees Quarterly Diary (Jan- April 2012)


Dear Rylee,

As you approach your third month of life, we are so very proud of you. You have taught us so much about life and more specifically, how precious it is with you around. At this juncture you are still a novelty to friends and family. Everyone wants to hold you and kiss you but not many people are volunteering to change your diapersJ The good news is that you only require 6-7 changes a day. Most of the time we change you before feedings.

Speaking of diapers, Daddy is charge of diaper/wipes operations. Daddy often finds himself trolling websites and hanging out in diaper aisles of local retail stores. For the first time ever, daddy shops with coupons and calculators. There is a whole society of Dads looking for diaper deals across cities around America. It turns out that 15 cents or less a diaper is a steal. The key is buying in bulk.

Mommy is happy to not spend money on formula. That’s right, you love to get your feed directly from the tap. Besides being healthy and plentiful, it is really good bonding for you and mommy. At this point we have figured that you are eating 3-4 ounces a time. The only time you ever cry is when you need to eat, which happens around every 3 hour’s (except at night).

Speaking of night, your are sleeping great. You are averaging 8-10 hours of sleep. Lately, we’ve been putting you to sleep at 9pm and you’ve been sleeping straight through to 7am. You love your Jungle Friends crib and you are getting used to our nighttime routine. Daddy changes you and then hands you off to mom for your nighttime feeding. We always finish off by telling you how much we love you.

By this juncture you are lifting up your head completely. We are noticing that you are very stimulated by television. Although you don’t understand the plot of “16 and Pregnant” you are amazed like mom and dad that teens can be so irresponsible. Sometimes you’ll sit on Daddy’s lap and you’ll watch sports with him. On weekend mornings, we sometimes put you in your boppy and then put the boppy in our bed. We all hang in bed together. Since birth mommy has taken you for walks, to mommy support groups and of course, shopping. Every time, she takes you somewhere, you are always well-behaved.

You’ve been to several other places too. You sit quietly in your carrier when we take you into restaurants. You’ve also been spending a lot of time with MomMom / PopPop, GMom/GPop. They can’t get enough of you. We’ve taken you to see your girlfriend Hannah Burns and your boyfriends Logan Price and Max Owens. You really love your cousins. Mommy’s cousins got to hold you at your welcoming party and family functions. Your biggest cousin, Jordyn holds you so snuggly and nicely. Next week you’ll be going to Aunt Dara’s and Uncle Adam’s. You will also be seeing the beach house for the first time. GMom and GPop need your help setting things up for the upcoming beach season.

The other big milestone is that you began daycare last week. You are the talk of the school at Children of America. All the teachers love you and as of today, you are the only girl in class.

The first three months have been amazing. It indeed has been a learning experience. We are beginning to know your cries, your personality and most importantly, we are learning how to work the buttons and zips on your sometimes complicated outfits.

We love you so much and can’t wait to see what the next 3 months bring.


Love Mommy and Daddy







Hi, I'm Rylees Dad. Since she is new to the world and still learning our language, I will utilize this blog as way to share stories about our awesome daughter.


February 19th, 2012

By Rylees Daddy





Numbers mean something to me. It represents growth, progression and achievement. For me the most important number is one, as in one heart, one soul and one unwavering love for my wife Pamela and our beautiful baby, Rylee Hope. Happy first month Baby Rylee.


I have a love for numbers, which is ironic since I did so poorly in math in high school. But that was Algebra and Geometry, which is really more like shapes and letters and not numbers at all but I digress. Numbers are important to me. As a child my favorite number was 22 because that’s was the number Rick Tocchet wore until he went to the Penguins and began wearing 92, which screwed up my love for the number 22. Then there is the number 2008, which is the year that I hit the 11,000 day mark of my life, which was bookended by the number 10, which was the amount days it took to achieve my three most memorable moments in life, Phillies winning the World Series, America voting for our first non-white male president and then there was that whole wedding thing with my wife. Finally there is 1-19-12, which is not really a number but more a date, which was the moment our daughter, Rylee Hope Rosenbaum took her first breath of life, which brings us to 30 days after that milestone, which equals 720 hours…That brings us to today.


This blog entry is not my need to brag or pontificate upon the joys and rigors of parenthood. I think most people understand the magnitude of love and responsibility that goes along with it. We all try to prepare as best as we can but do any of us really fully comprehend this new societal role until that moment we are handed a bag of diapers and a bucket of receiving blankets? For Pamela and I the pregnancy and the birth was a very deep and intimate experience, one of which I will share with my readership because I think some people will measure it with their personal experiences and or help them grasp the gravity of parenthood.


In May, 2011 we made it official to friends and family that we were having a baby. It was completely planned but in truth it was a calculated gamble in life. We live in a very small 2-bedroom condo, which at the time was on the market for nearly a year, we also had career issue as I was working for a company where I felt extremely unwanted and knew that I’d be changing jobs in the midst of this pregnancy.

Pamela really struggled physically in the first few months. In a way it was quite normal for a pregnancy but in our world it was very real, fresh and we were really trying to make it past every day. There was the frequent heartburn and nausea that everyone said would dissipate but it’s hard to justify the journey of birth when your wife has her head in the toilet for three months straight.

Like everything else that comes our way in life, we got through it with love and patience (and for me Rum). The second trimester approached and as every current mother and educated doctor promised, it was 3 months of painless pregnancy. Except for my wife getting ear full’s of me wallowing about my job. Our time was occupied by with filling in those missing lines. You know what lines I am talking about. It’s the same three lines that every human being must ask a woman who is showing a bump…

1. When are you due?

2. Do you know what you are having?

3. Have you picked out a name?



Pamela and I decided very early on that we would share everything. That’s just how we roll. It actually minimizes small talk with strangers. Soon as we see their lips forming to ask the three questions every stranger needs to know about another complete stranger, we fire back with “late January, girl, Rylee Hope.” It also makes it easier in planning a nursery, getting personalized items and picking out cloths. It gave me a head start on saving for a weddingJ



Then there was the last third of the pregnancy. For Pamela it was the hardest. For those that know my wife, understand that she treats her body like a temple. She is very aware of her diet; she has never done drugs and has never smoked a cigarette in her life. The last time she was a patient in a hospital was the day she was born. She is very careful in almost everything she does in life but she is specifically careful in how she takes care of her body. She put on about 50% of her normal body weight and it came to the point where she was in a considerable amount of pain in her back and feet…more then what is normally expected. Her weight gain was so worrisome that doctors felt that the baby would be too large to be delivered vaginally. They recommended we get one last ultrasound to measure the babies anticipated weight.



At 37.5 weeks we got that ultrasound and what we saw was completely unexpected. The good news was that the baby was just over 8 pounds and in most scenarios that would be acceptable for a vaginal delivery. What we didn’t expect was that the baby was breech. She was positioned with her head up. This is a recipe for a C-Section.


My wife was not pleased with this news because this is not how she envisioned this birth going. I was also a tad disappointed at first but the more we heard about stories of the C-Section, the more we liked the idea. For starters, it allowed us to essentially pick our baby’s birthday. This date allowed Pamela to work 2 more days at work and then she went on bed rest 1 week before the birth. It also meant 2 extra days in the hospital, which allowed for more time to get lactation consultation and post operative care for Pamela. Lastly it was cost-saving. Women who have C-Sections get an extra two weeks pay from their disability claims (in most jobs).



With that being said, no women likes to be cut open while they are awake to deliver a baby. I stayed very strong for my wife but for all her worrying, I couldn’t say that I wouldn’t have been just as nervous. Nowadays, C-Sections happen in over 1/3 of all pregnancies. It’s extremely safe and in most cases less painful then vaginal deliveries but it’s still a very scary thing to endure.



The details of the birth day were very clear in my mind. In one sense I was super-excited to be a father and in the other sense, I was super-nervous about my wife. I wanted everything to go perfectly. The anticipation of the moment could really be trying on the mind but I felt like I was incredibly calm for no other reason other than to transmit that calm tone to my wife, who was laid out on the OR with her hands spread out on a horizontal wooden board. In an odd sense it made me giggle because she looked like Jesus on a crucifix ready to have a baby. At around 9:12am (numbers are important), the lead nurse peaked over the curtain that separated by Jesus wife from her bloody insides and she said “Baby Time.” If I learned one thing in the birthing class it was that “Baby Time” meant “get your cameras ready to see your baby enter the world.”



The next few minutes seemed like hours. I heard some veil compliments like”She is so pretty”, “What a cute tush” and “She has a full head of hair.” At each compliment I stood to catch a some video of the birth of our child. At each point that I tried to stand, the nurse said “No, not yet…not yet” It was clear that something seemed very troubling. I now know that my daughter was out of the womb but I had not yet heard a single cry. I would later learn that she had lots of fluid in her lungs and I not being able to video the birth was a precautionary measure. It took the doctors around 60-90 seconds to clean the baby off and get her to a warmer. It was at that point that I was escorted to that warmer to see the baby for the first time.



Like the doctors, I was taken back by how much hair the baby had and how similar she looked to my wife. My exact thought going through my head was that I can’t believe my sperm and Pamela’s egg made this awesome looking child. It is one of those wonderful medical miracles that I will never appreciate enough. I had the chance to cut the umbilical cord and I videoed the weigh-in (BTW they way in grams). When they said 3600 grams I immediately thought, wow that’s a lot of weed.


The next thing I know is that I’m ushered back to my chair behind the curtain next to my Jesus wife. She looks dazed and confused and I had to assure her that the baby was both beautiful and healthy. Five minutes later they bought the baby over to us where Pamela got to her first glimpse of what was kicking around her for many months.



The hour’s that followed were slightly anti climatic, except for our families who were waiting patiently in the waiting room to meet Rylee for the first time. Pamela was taken to recovery where I sat by her side feeding her ice chips and marveling at the beauty of our baby girl. Pamela was then moved to our home for the next five days in post-partum. The next five days were a bit of a blur. There was a heavy dose of milking lessons, lots of strange hospital workers poking at my wife’s genitals, lots of family/friends visiting, there was a nice daddy rollout bed and plenty of good hospital food. It was more or less a five days of hands-on-training baby sessions. By the end, we had a good system…so we thought.



On Monday, January 23rd, we took the baby home for the first time and this is was when I first realized that this parenthood thing was super intense. The hospital training wheels were off and it was just me, my baby and my highly hormonal wife. The first few days felt like a tornado came to town. As advertised there was minimal sleep and maximum crying. On top of all of that, I was 2 weeks into a new job (one that I love thank you very much). So it was 3-4 hours of sleep followed by 12-13 hours of learning a new job. Thank you to the good members of Bucks Mont NARI for being so understanding.



Ultimately, it’s been a whirlwind for us. Some things that I learned are that when you become a dad, your vocabulary dramatically changes. All words end with the “eee” sound…

Onsie – an outfit for newborns

Paci- a sucky tool you stick in your newborns mouth to keep them quiet

Poopy – First it looks like motor oil then it turns to mustard seeds



I learned how precious a life can be and how much a person can love another person. This little ray of sunshine has really turned my life upside down. It’s a very strange feeling being a father but one in which I’m slowly adjusting too. I also learned a lot about my wife. Seeing her carry this child for nine months made me realize that she is a very strong woman. Now that I see her interact with Rylee, I am not afraid to say that she may be one of the most incredible mothers ever. I don’t know if I would be able to fully commit to a child chomping at my mammaries every 3 hours for even a week, let alone a month…and hopefully longer.



As hours become months and months become years, I realize every moment is precious. This baby, Rylee Hope has a name with purpose. The word “Hope” is one of the best words in the English dictionary. It represents all the possibilities the world presents for her. Such as the day she begins kindergarten on approximately day 1800. Then the day she has her Bat Mitzvah, approximately day 4000, the day she drives on approximately day 5300….and of course the day she begins to date, approximately the 4th of never.